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 Written in response to the traditional song When I was in my prime. A friend sings that song beautifully but Sid always felt sorry for the gardener character and decided to rewrite it from his viewpoint. It’s still unsure whether he gets the girl but at least we hear more of his story. The album version features some fine fiddling from Aaron Catlow who now plays in a great duo with Kit Hawes.

The Gardener


When my hands are in the soil and the sweat upon me

It’s then I think on my true love for she is wondrous bonnie

She’s wondrous bonnie


She is like some heather bell in her autumn colours

Though I’d not pluck her from the hill It’s me she will not follow

It’s me she’ll not follow


I will give my love a rose of the deepest colour

And I will tend it as it grows and she will want no other

She’ll want no other


Oh the pink rose that did grow to my love I could not show

For it fades as soon as it does bloom as pale as winter snow


And the violet rose that grew was far too pale a hue

I’ll give my blood to the red red rose, my fate is all in you

My fate is all in you


And the blood red rose that grew I planted faithfully

And when I did return again there stood a willow tree

There stood a willow tree


From the willow I shall weave the new shoots every year

A basket lined with a gauze so fine I’ll catch her crystal tears

I’ll catch her crystal tears

Sid Goldsmith

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