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Written about the residents of Newham in East London, and in particular the campaigners in Focus 15, who are fighting a long battle to secure social housing in the area. Newham council sought to relocate long-term residents as far away as Manchester, Birmingham and Stoke-on-Tent. Whilst we understand the housing crisis in the UK has no easy solutions, the injustice of ripping people from their communities cannot be the answer.

You can read more about Focus 15 at their website.

Moved on

I’m of this place, my story is here

It holds together the thread of my years

My tale is written on the streets where I stand

I’m living my life is in this city


I’m not worth the land that I live on

Though I’ve lived here for all of my life

Three generations have rooted me here

Now I’m moved on and kept out of sight


This place has been changing for many years now

So much has been lost, too much has closed down

It’s harder to find somewhere to be still

And there’s nowhere to be without spending



For all of it’s faults this place is my home

Three generations have called it their own

My life it is here, it’s not in the north,

In the east or the west, or wherever we’re forced


We must make way for progress if that's what this is

So the land can be sold for the highest bid

We must cut off our ties and forget our lives

And move to where we’re not noticed



From where you are sitting it may all make sense

We’ve got to move forward, it’s the times that we’re in

But heed my advice this city’s being torn

From the people who hold it together



Jimmy Aldridge

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