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 Jimmy first heard this sung by Barrie and Ingrid Temple at a Whitby singaround. They very kindly shared the words and explained some of the history of the song. Written by Barrie Temple and Steve Evans it tells the tale of the boats that used sail out of the now closed fishing port at Cullercoats Bay. 

Hold The Lantern High

Cullercoats Sands are cold and bare

Many there must weep,
Say a prayer for those who share
The grief that they keep


Hold the lantern high lad

Hold the lantern high

Catch your daddies eye laddie

Catch your daddies eye

There's none but us to rue his loss,
If he should not come home,
They're safe in bed, they do not fuss,
It's all the same to them

Do not fear for you will hear
His shouts across the bay
Whether far or near, they will not fear
Your lantern lights the way

Safe on shore he's home once more,
To sea he'll soon return,
Whether far or near, he will not fear,
As long as lanterns burn.


Steve Evans/Barry Temple

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